become one with the void.


released nOVEMBER 15, 2013
Casman: Soil

to anyone that feels alone

some friends of mine seem to be suffering from hard times these days because of stressful events involved in work, relationships… just life in general… basically just being down on themselves.

and this is what i told them and if you’re in this same boat then this is what i will tell you. - this will be valuable but also blunt. be warned.

you are a part of the world. you are a part of the human tribe.

we are all connected.

your energy whether it be at low, high, negative or positive frequencies are feeding and bouncing off each other (regardless, at the end of the day it’s all energy).

reframe how you think of being alone and you’ll realize you couldn’t be further from the truth.

it’s very easy to say that no one understands you but it’s safe to say that YOU also don’t fully understand yourself either.

detach yourself from your emotions; view it objectively and you’ll realize soon enough that it’s natural and human to not fully understand.

regardless of all the facts humanity has accumulated… WE’RE ALL LOST. just read the news for 5 minutes and you don’t have to be a genius to realize that we’re all fucking up one way or another.

so shut the fuck up and take the pressure off of yourself and just do the best you can.

you are not some entitled, special snow flake. your problems ARE COMMON.

life is a very short experience.  loosen up, laugh and learn to let go.

remind yourself that it will all be over soon enough.

i empathize for i used to feel the exact same way (as heard in my track titled “Been Going Through Some Thangs”) but i’ve learned that feeling sorry for yourself leads to NOTHING so get up and…


a rare friendship

listening to the King with my team during chill/break sessions.

listening to the King with my team during chill/break sessions.




how did you get so sick?
the last time i saw you, you were the complete opposite of this
did you fall for that woman that i last saw you with?
only to realize that she would not be the one to catch you when it all ends?
it fucking hurts doesn’t it?
especially since you’re emotionally invested
especially when you’ve given someone such a huge role
without the resume being sent in
especially since you took the time to give her countless attention
but you’ve forgotten that no one owes you anything
so whose fault is it?
it’s yours
giving someone permission to have complete control of your emotions
how did you get so sick?
where did all your energy go?
how did you get so sick?
all your power’s gone
how did you get so sick?
there are those that are in love with their pain
it’s like they have the remedy and they purposely throw it away
but i’ve seen this movie before and it’s all the same
the actors are different but it’s still a replay
and we all watch it with eyes wide open
and then repeat it in our own lives, making it our own story
but i’m here for you
regardless of all that’s happening
the world can give you sorrow
but it’s not responsible for giving you happiness
no one owes you anything
say you can’t trust her
but can you really even trust yourself?
look at how you treat yourself
if i was her, i’d leave you too
homie, fuck your feelings
you want her but can’t have her
it’s true, those divorce papers look harsh
and i guess it looks more like it’s the end rather than a fresh start
we’ll reveal everything about you and you still won’t know who you are
but know these emotions are common
you’re not the only one
i think it’ll help to realize that when this all ends none of this will even matter
how did you get so sick?
since when did you stop being so fun?
and when did you stop knowing the difference between love and lust?
(you were) the master at it
i even picked up a couple of habits
and now you’re acting as if game, you have none
forgot that this is your movie
you let another take over
letting someone else write the script
giving her the lines that were meant for ya
where did all my friends go?
i guess this is the outcome of locking myself up in the studio
know that at 12 am i wrote something to help you though
especially when you’re taking things too personal
but i guess it’s part of the process and we’re all chasing something
i relate to you on that
the only difference is i just enjoy it for what it is without getting too attached
this is all temporary and once i realized that
i became one with the void and now there’s no turning back
now ask yourself,
how did i get so sick?


one note can change parts of the song.
one word can change a part of the song.
but if ever i decide to mention you then it’s guaranteed that it will change the whole song.
so lets be careful.


The tree houses of the Korowai tribe in New Guinea


The tree houses of the Korowai tribe in New Guinea

sorry to say

you’ve got someone on your mind but cover it up by saying you’ve got money on your mind.
know that even if your dollars do align
it ain’t guaranteed the money will change how ____ feels about you inside.


sade - feel no pain